The zzips Release Their Nostalgic Debut Album ’20 Years Late’

the zzips 2

Meet ‘The zzips’ –living proof that Rock n’ Roll is not dead, and is in fact very much alive and kicking. A diverse duo made up of frontman James Butler and writing partner Graham Cupples. Bringing you their debut, yet eagerly anticipated, album ’20 Years Late’. Within their songs, they address issues that are prominent within British society, and question the policies of consumerism, greed and elitism after partaking in social observation. The album is both a call to arms and a cry for revolution and change, whilst some of the songs simply follow what happens within their day-to-day lives. Finding a release in the power of song-writing helped James through some serious personal difficulties over the last almost four years.


Listen here:


With an impressive résumé, and many famous faces among their fans, The zzips have already earned themselves a well-deserved prestigious reputation. Graham has supported Gary Numan, and James has opened for bands such as Oasis, Smash and Steps. In true rock n’ roll style, and following in the footsteps of some of the greatest rock artists, The zzips have also performed at Glastonbury festival.


Between the two of them they have written and produced their entire album, which in the era of the typical pop-culture boy-band genre, gives them a chance to display and show off their many talents. Alongside the music, James is a psychotherapist, working with Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. His interest in psychology is often apparent in The zzips songs, consistently raising the question ‘Why?’


Think classic 90’s rock, with a modern Blues twist and challenging lyrics. There is a very bright future predicted for ‘The zzips’, make sure you’re a part of it! /


Vagabond Flag Releases 2nd Single; ‘Those Old Days’


It has taken Vagabond Flag many years to hone his talents and perfect his song-writing craft. However, after the success of his most recent single ‘Not Afraid’, he is due to release the second, ‘Those Old Days’ on December 15th.

Listen here:

The song addresses taking a retrospective look on your life – the benefits of being older and confident, whilst also growing more and more cynical. It speaks of the excitement and innocence of youth before it fades, and pleads with the listener not to forget the beauty of impeccability and naivety that we are all blessed with when we are young. The track has been perfectly mastered, with soaring guitar riffs and laid back vocals that possess a reminiscent quality of 90’s British rock music. The entire album has been thoughtfully written – the music and the lyrics expressing a dark and melancholy vibe which epitomises his views on life, relationships and resolving pain and loss. Even the name ‘Vagabond Flag’ has been carefully chosen for a reason – it is a direct quote from the Shakespeare play ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’, in which Octavius Caeser criticises the fickleness and shallowness of the populace. Vagabond Flag’s choice to make it his artists name represents his realistic appraisal, and ultimately, suspicion of fame.

‘Those Old Days’ is due for release on December 15th, with the album being released on the 12th January.


‘Save a Prayer’ for the Moses Project!



Residing between Southampton and Sardinia, duo and childhood best friends Kiki and Sergio have reunited after twenty years, to begin work on the Moses Project.

Despite both having very different music influences, Kiki and Sergio both share a passion for performance. Kiki moved from Sardinia to the UK when he was 24, in the pursuit of working as a professional singer. Sergio stayed in Sardinia to work on his music there, touring and recording all around the Island. Their recent collaboration has resulted in the combination of two very different artists and genres, creating an exciting and exhilarating fusion of sound in the form of the Moses Project.

Watch the video here:

Both Kiki and Sergio have certainly managed to attract a lot of attention from people from all areas of the music industry. Kiki open a charity that was sponsored by the “Artful Dodger”, whilst they’re performing all over the UK. Drawing on influences such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Luther Vandross, Kiki has an amazing vocal range and an incredibly soulful voice. He was part of a R&B group called ‘3 Flow’, who were based in Manchester, and has also performed on UK television for the Michael Barrymore show.

Sergio has had much success with his band ‘Tamurita’. He took part in different TV show, festivals, concert with the band Tamurita, open shows for major group like Gogol Bordello & Ska P among others.

Tamurita won the 1st place to support the Italian Oxfam Charity.  The band released their third album in 2012.

The highly anticipated collaboration between both Sergio and Kiki has been a long time coming, and it certainly does not disappoint!

The long awaited ‘Save A Prayer’ is due for release soon, make sure you grab your copy!

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CallMeTheKidd Welcomes you to his ‘Jungle’ with New Single out in December



Hailing from North London, CallMeTheKidd artist, (AKA Peter Elegbede) is certainly causing quite a stir on the UK urban scene. His latest song ‘Jungle’, from his debut EP ‘2ND2N: The Movie’. 7 out of 10 tracks he produced himself, and all of the songs on the EP were all written by him also. He has already opened up for other well-known artists such as Ghetts and Chipmunk, as well as MOBO award winner Stormzy & nominee Lil Slmz.

The video for hot track ‘Jungle’ see’s the dapper, CallMethekidd literally take it to the jungle with his beautiful date. Charming his way through his cool performance, CallMethekidd looks perfectly at home in front of the camera. After seeing the rising star in action, we doubt many girls will be turning down a date with him!

The official video is out Monday 10th November, for now feast your eyes on a sneak peek behind the scenes of the video production:

After almost following a career in professional basketball in America, Peter found his true calling in the form of writing and producing grime music. CallMeTheKidd says ‘’I started off with grime music but I now write & produce all sorts of music – Rap, Pop, RnB etc’’, of which he has been an avid fan of since the young age of 12. The track ‘Jungle’ has insanely tight production, and the beat and lyrics are especially catchy. The track depicts what goes through a man’s head when first meeting a woman – the aspect of love vs. lust is incorporated as he battles a conflict of desires in his head.

After unfortunately losing a close family member to a 7-year battle with cancer very recently, Peter has vowed to donate the proceeds from this single towards Macmillan Cancer Support. Peter recently self-pressed over 500 copies of his EP on CD, and gave them away, with the purpose of just getting his music out there and heard. With his heart more in the music as opposed to the money, CallMeTheKidd’s attitude is a brilliant example to aspiring musicians all over the UK.

‘Jungle’ from ‘2ND2N: The Movie’ is due for release on 8th December.


Twitter: @CallMeTheKidd





Italian rockers Noel and the Pandas set to release debut album ‘In The Art Of Doom’

noel and pandas pink sky

Noel and the Pandas are the hottest new alternative rock sound to emerge from Italy. With a soft rock sound and sensitive lyrics, the guys add a hearty Italian twist to rock.

The band is led by front man Noel, who is the ultimate Italian Jack of all trades that has finally found his calling in the world of alternative rock music.

Noel’s journey into music has been an unusual route, to say the least. Having lent his hand to many trades, Noel’s career is a fascinating and chaotic tale; beginning his career as a lawyer, Noel went on to have a long career in the banking industry. One day Noel’s career as a banker came to a crashing end over night as he lost everything in the blink of an eye when the bank he worked for was drawn into an Italian banking scandal, which even saw his father unjustly imprisoned for a brief period. Following this tragedy Noel was left recovering metal scraps from the streets and was even worked as a fisherman in West Africa for a short while, as he struggled to make ends meet.

With nothing left to his name, Noel turned to music to overcome his troubles. After mastering the guitar Noel soon realised his real passion lied in making music and began to express his troubles through his lyrics. Whilst learning how to harness his new found talent Noel began the quest for band mates to help complete his new musical venture.

Nicola Rosti, the bands lead guitarist, was the first recruit. Having been Noel’s guitar teacher for some time, the pair had a natural musical chemistry that morphed into band mate material with ease. The talented Rosti has a long and illustrious career in the music industry; having been involved with numerous bands Rosti brings technical brilliance to the ensemble and is responsible for the production of the album. Dominic Sambucco, on rhythm guitar, was the next to join. A Canadian citizen living in Italy, Sambucco’s strumming talent completed the guitar sounds of the band. Well versed in the art of alternative rock, Filippo Parmeggiani joined the band to play drums. Finally, the band was completed by the arrival of Matt Straveden. With a history as a classic pianist, Straveden is the bands keys player.

The band has an alternative rock sound, with a soft undertone that subtly embraces the best of rock. ‘In The Art Of Doom’ is the debut album from the band and showcases the rockin’ talents of the five guys. A number of tracks on the album explore the heart ache Noel has suffered over recent years and draws the listener into his complex world through his heartfelt lyrics.

Check out Noel And The Pandas music here:





Alan Mair, Bassist of ‘The Only Ones’ Releases Debut Solo Single ‘Four Winds’

Alan Mair four winds


He’s a rock-star, whose had support from the likes of ‘U2’ and ‘Simply Minds’, and has also supported ‘The Who’, on their USA tour, the ‘White Stripes’ and ‘Primal Scream’ with ‘The Only Ones’, of which he co-produced the first two albums. He’s played at Glastonbury, 02 Wireless Festival and CBGB’s New York – to name a few. His first band ‘The Beatstalkers’ were the first Scottish Boyband who set the female hearts of Scotland in to overdrive when they caused a riot on 1965 in Glasgow’s George Square.

Alan Mair has been writing songs for many years, and witnessing the current accessibility to worldwide digital distribution of music, and the ability to keep control of it, he has decided to finally release them.

Alan’s first band ‘The Beatstalkers’, used to work with David Bowie in his early years as a song-writer, and during that time they became good friends. On one occasion at his boot shop in Kensington market Alan gave David a pair of boots he couldn’t afford and had his shop manager Freddy Mercury fit them for him.

Watch this link for a video of Alan with ‘The Only Ones’- who have influenced the likes of The Replacements, Nirvana, The Libertines and Blur – performing live on Jools Holland:

and their iconic “Another Girl Another Planet

Alan’s debut solo single ‘Four Winds’ is due for release on the 15th December. The track itself is an eclectic blend of alternative rock with resonating vocals.  However, if you can’t wait until December, take a listen to it here:  -  –

Toyboy and Robin – ‘Don’t Just Say’

ToyBoy and Robin

Brit production duo Toyboy and Robin announce release of new single ‘Don’t Just Say’.

The new track is instantly catchy and really showcases the capabilities of these talented British producers. Reminiscent of 90′s house, we’re certain you’ll be hooked!

Catch the new track here:

Can you imagine how exciting these guys would be live! Be sure not to miss them on their whizz round the UK. With a stop in Dubai!


04.10.14 – Susu Cube, Southampton

05.10.14 – Solent Ball, Southampton

10.10.14 – Building Six, London

12.10.14 – Pryzm, London

16.10.14 – Warehouse Events, Dubai (UAE)

17.10.14 – Wharehouse Project, Manchester

19.10.14 – Open, Norwich

23.10.14 – 02 Academy, Newcastle

25.10.14 – The Junction, Cambridge

30.10.14 – Warehouse Events, Southampton

31.10.14 – 02 Academy, Leeds


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